Kuti Wildlife Reserve

The wildlife centre works in partnership with Kuti reserve – we’ve organised releases there and some of our volunteers also head there to work after a few weeks with us. They have guest houses too, for paying visitors who want a taste of living in the African bush. It’s about an hour and a half’s drive out of Lilongwe and as a wildlife reserve they have lots of animals including giraffe, sable, zebra, camels and an ostrich called Evelyn. Ostriches and camels are not currently native to Malawi but they needed a place to roam and Kuti kindly accommodated.

Kuti were throwing a Halloween party this year so a few of us from the centre hired a car and drove down for the occasion. It was quite novel having real bats flying over your heads at a Halloween party, along with hearing all sorts of strange animal noises beyond the open building.

We had a lazy morning at Kuti, then decided to drive the extra half hour to nurse our hangovers at Senga Bay, Lake Malawi, and the lovely Evelyn waved us off from the gate. I’m hoping to spend some proper time at Kuti soon to see some more of the park, animals and surrounding communities.


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