Kasungu National Park

Kasungu National Park is home to LWT’s release programme. So far the Trust have successfully released two troops of yellow baboons and one troop of vervet monkeys there, made up of rescue cases from the wildlife centre. The troop of yellow baboons that were released in January are being followed and observed by my good friend Mandy and, for her birthday in February, I went to visit her and our small but awesome group had a bit of a messy weekend to mark the occasion.

We climbed Black Rock for sundowners one evening and watched the sun go down over the park that stretches over the border into Zambia. Kasungu was once teeming with wildlife, at one point supplying animals to Kruger National Park in SA. But since then the poachers have had free reign and almost cleared the park of its native wildlife and over the weekend we devastatingly barely saw a movement.


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